PostCode 49083
+30 2661037775
+30 6944291327



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Corfu Town : 25 klm


Airport : 22 klm


Nearest Beach : 300 m


Bus Stop : 30 m


Super Market : 200 m


Pharmacy : 4 klm

Central Corfu Port Authority:
+30 26610 32655

+30 26610-39509, 30188

Greek Tourist Police:

Corfu Hospital:
+30 26610 45811,45812 - 45815

Green Bus Station Corfu :
+30 26610 28927


Welcome to Corfu Island

Welcome to Corfu Island

Corfu island lies at the north of the Ionian sea at the entrance of Adriatic. It is the most popular island in the group known as the Ionian Islands Or Eptanisa. Being the most green of the Greek islands, Corfu , has three million olive trees, flower-strewn countryside and Adriatic-style villages.

Corfu island offers a splendid coastal scenery and some excellent secluded beaches. On this cosmopolitan island, you'll be able to combine relaxation with good times and a full nightlife.
Corfu is an international tourist centre which can satisfy the demands of the most difficult visitors.